2019 BWH Faculty Career Development Award Application
Application Deadline: January 9, 2019

Deadline for Application & Letter of Recommendation: JANUARY 9, 2019

Application Instructions (see full instructions here)

Please note the online application cannot be saved.  If you exit the application before clicking Apply, any information you have entered will not be saved for editing. If you wish to continue your application, you will be required to re-enter all information and complete the application in its entirety and click Apply for your application to be submitted.

Application Requirements

  • Demographic information fill in name, rank, department, etc.
  • Project Title & Brief Project Description (to be typed/copied into online application)
    A brief lay description of the project (Approx. 200 words)
  • Detailed Plan for Use of Award (to be typed/copied into online application)
    A plan for using the award, including hypothesis, methodology, timeline, and plan for publications/presentations (Approx. 750 words)
  • List other current or potential sources of support for this project
    Please list any current grant support and describe how this relates to the Shore Fellowship funding that you are requesting. (How does it differ? How does it overlap?) Please note total direct costs for each source of support.
    Please note any pending grant applications related to this proposal and the state of those applications.
  • Proposed $30,000 Budget exclusive of 15% overhead to accomplish this academic plan ($30,000 to include fringe benefits if used for salary support) (to be uploaded to online application). See budget template here 
  • An account of current professional responsibilities including explanation of how award can make a difference in advancing the candidate’s academic career
  • An account of family and/or personal responsibilities including children and other family dependents, personal health, and other circumstances (financial, geographic, etc.) (Approx. 500 words)
  • Prepare updated “HMS/HSDM formatted CV”(to be uploaded to online application)

Request Letter(s) of Recommendation to be submitted by your department or division head via email to BWHORC@partners.org.  If a different faculty member will also serve as sponsor during the fellowship, a second letter may be submitted from that sponsor.  Letters should:

  • Document the need of the applicant.
  • Identify the impact of the Award on the applicant’s career and potential for advancement (e.g. if an Instructor, potential for promotion to Assistant Professor at BWH).
  • Provide information about the percentage of protected time and justification for salary support required.

If you have any questions, please contact us at BWHORC@partners.org or (617) 525-7082.


Candidates will be notified when application is received.  Final notification of awards will be made by the end of March 2019.

Applications accepted from 10/17/2018 1PM to 01/11/2019 1AM.