Fund to Sustain Research Excellence - Request for 2nd year funding

If, and only if, you have previously been awarded funding through the Fund to Sustain Research Excellence (FSRE) AND you have not yet resubmitted the grant on which the original FSRE award was based, you may apply for a second year of funding. To so do, you must submit the following information:

  • A status report of how the first year funds were used, what progress has been made toward grant resubmission, and how a second year of funding would be used
  • Updated financial information, including an Insight statement
  • A letter of continued support from Department or Division cha

Applicants will be considered for a second year of support based on the review of the status report. The deadline for the submission of second-year requests is 2 months prior to the end of the first-year funding period.

Applications accepted from 11/18/2019 12PM to 12/31/2021 11PM.