Breast Cancer Alliance - Young Investigator Grant - 2021

To encourage a commitment to breast cancer research, Breast Cancer Alliance invites clinical doctors and research  scientists whose primary focus is breast cancer and who are in the early stages of their careers, to apply for funding for the Young Investigator Grant. This is a two-year grant for a total of $125,000, with half the grant award being paid out each year.

Applicants for 2021 grants must (i) have held a faculty position for no more than four years following the completion of their training, as of February 1, 2021; (ii) have not been a principal investigator on an NIH R01 or equivalent national/international non-mentored award; and (iii) dedicate at least 50% of their work effort to research. This grant is intended to help advance the careers of young researchers who do not yet have their own major grant support. For clarity, current postdoctoral fellows who do not yet hold a faculty position are eligible to apply, provided they meet all the other stated criteria for Young Investigators.


The Breast Cancer Alliance Young Investigator Awards are available by institutional nomination only. Please note, only TWO applications will be accepted from each BWH department (or division within the Department of Medicine) to be considered as the BWH nominee. Please seek approval from your department chair or division chief before submitting your application.


Funding and Award Period: $125,000 over two years (Administrative costs, which are included in the $125,000 award, must be limited to 8% of grant funds; however, the BRI will cover the difference to meet the 15% minimum.)


For questions regarding the internal application submission or nomination process, please contact

Applications accepted from 02/05/2020 9AM to 06/08/2020 11PM.