BRI/ORC Microgrant Pilot Program

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. All applications will be reviewed by BRI and ORC staff and applicants will be notified within three months on the status of their application.

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Demographic Information

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Proposal (1-page limit, excluding references) detailing the following: • Introduction/Background/Rationale • Approach/Strategy • If a series is proposed, a timeline of activity with discrete milestones including a specific start date • Composition of existing/proposed team • Proposed metrics of success – how will success of this activity be measured? *
If applying for a scientific project, please explain how this project is different from ongoing work in your lab/why the work cannot be supported by an existing funding mechanism.
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Please note that if you are applying for gift cards for participant remuneration, you will need to arrange the purchasing through your department/division and the BRI will reimburse the department fund. The BRI will not purchase gift cards directly.